Publisert: Tirsdag 7. april 2016 Aston Martin

CAR Magazine hyller DB11!

«10 reasons why DB11 changes everything:

1. Because the engine’s a monster

2. Because it’s a team effort

3. Because it’s the most beautiful car in the world

4. Because Gaydon stole Lotus’s secret weapon

5. Because there’s a little bit of Mercedes in it (… in a good way)

6. Because you won’t have to make excuses for the interior

7. Because its designed to be personalised

8. Because it’ll sound like an Aston Martin (pure v12)

9. Because they know aluminium

10. Because it’s ready to take on the world’s best »

Kjøp bladet hos Narvesen. Du kan også lese artikkelen ved å kjøpe CAR magazine digitalt – på iTunes app-store.

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